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Showing & judging a Bulldog




1. Most novice Bulldog owners ask, how can we get involved in showing??

First of all I say go to some open Bulldog shows, mix with different breeders & show campaigners, mingle around look at the different type of Bulldogs from different bloodlines, donít be afraid of approaching the owners with questions regarding the breed.

Next step, go to a Championship Bulldog show, with a little more knowledge under your belt now you will see the best Bulldogs in the World, speak to the campaigners, take as much advice as possible, and enjoy the day, ( keep away from the beer tents, here is where most of the hassle happens ).

When you are home start stacking up your Bulldog, be patient with it, it will take time, when you feel ready go along to you local dog ring craft be confident, and feel proud of what you have at the end of the lead.

To be honest donít expect to much at the start, remember both of you will be learning the trade, but enjoy and have fun in the sport.

This is a learning process, as they say you have to do your apprenticeship, which in my opinion takes a couple of years.

Some good adviceÖ. Have a well groomed Bullie, do your home work, keep your ear to the ground, keep your mouth shut, and treat the show as a bit of serious fun, enjoy the sport, in time a good dog will always come through and campaign under every judge.



2, Another question I get asked, is showing fixed ??

In all aspects of life there is good and bad, from business to sportÖ horse racing there have been scandals, Snooker, Cricket, Soccer has had some bad press, Boxing has taken knocks for many years, Wrestling has always been suspect.

So Bulldogs shows are no exception, to be honest where there is money there is a fiddle. I get told regularly, the same faces win every week, yes 80% itís true, why because they have breed breeding for many years, have a great knowledge of the breed, and their Bulldogs are are known and some are a credit to the Bulldog standard.

In this world the only two things that is fair is fresh air & traffic lights, everything else can be an supect if you get my drift !!


3. Have I heard of suspect judges ??

Yes, when you get told weeks in advance that a certain show is going to be rigged, that certain decisions are going this way or that way, you do get annoyed, pissed off is the real term for it!!!! But if you canít take the heat get away from the fire, thatís life.

There are many credited respected knowledgeable breeders here in the UK, i.e. my good friend Pat Dellar of Merriveen Kennels, Norman Davies of Ocobo kennels, in my opinion these two  are the most knowledgeable in the breed today, not only in the UK but World wide, they will be  immortalised later as years go by, the same as in the HALL OF FAME, i have always respected their their view and judging.

 Next there is Kevin Davies of Ocobo / Mystyle, in my opinion the best Bulldog handler i have ever seen, a quality judge and most of all a nice guy, Malcom Presland & Melanie Vincent of Kofyn Bulldogs, Terry Davison of Brampton Bulldogs, Margaret Goodwin of Britishpride Bulldogs, there are many more honest judges, so if I have missed you out donít email me just be proud of who you are, the rogue dishonest judge you are the ones who should feel guilty, you are the one that is doing a dis-service to this breed that this country loves so much, you are the ones that are making a mockery of the breed.


3. What should I wear in the ring ??

Like any sport or competition you have to have a winning appearance & a winning attitude.

Remember this is not a fashion show, but you need to look good without outshining the dog, a picture is like a thousand words.


Forget about the hats & gloves and high heels that people wore years ago, be practical, a good presentation without the silly extras, hands & nails should be clean, hair kept out of your face & not distracting the dog. Bosoms should not be falling out, thongs are also a distraction when bending over, again at CRUFTS this year some of the woman will never learn, big arse in thongs so ugly and the thongs halfway up their backs,  attention for the wrong reasons.


Again the same as the ladies, clean appearance, groomed hair, clean nails, have a shave before leaving home, trim that beard or moustache.

Wear a nice shirt and tie & blazer with a tidy pair of trousers, always wear comfortable pair of shoes, NO TRAINERS,  but some guy's thing it trendy pinstripe suit and trainers.

Try and not be to flash as you will draw the attention of the judge for the wrong reasons, sometimes this can go against you.



4. Which is the best show in the country ??

Well to be honest, I love the Windsor Champ show, here you are in lovely surroundings, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, over the years the standard and turn out has been superb, if the weather is kind on the day itís a day to remember.

There are many other fantastic shows, the Welsh Champ show in Builth Wells i think this show is superb and not to far from my home in a lovely part of mid-wales,   Cruffts springs to mind, this show to many is the pinnacle of all shows in the UK for prestige i agree but  for enjoyment NO, in my opinion itís to packed.

Malvern has a nice show, but there are also so many nice club shows, here the members work so hard to keep the club afloat from year to year without much thanks, they deserve all the respect for their hard work.

A little tip to all organisers,  if you want to keep these shows going and getting the novice to the  breed interested and to KEEP  them interested, keep  them campaigning make sure you select decent JUDGES,  and if the judge goes hey wire someone should have the balls to report that judge to the kennel club as the Bulldog  standard which i call the bible of the breed MUST be obeyed  from all angles.

Without doubt i'll be critisized for my comments because as all ways   the truth hurts and people do not like change.





5. Which is the best show abroad ???

Well there are so many, to me the World show is the ultimate, it has been in Argentina,  Ponzan Polland, Amsterdam, Sweden, this year 2011 Paris France this is the biggest dog show in the world the cream of all shows.

The shows in Europe have improved drastically over the years, now the countryís like Spain/ Italy / Holland have top quality Bulldogs as they have invested heavily from the British bloodlines, they have imported so many of our countryís Champions, many of the UK kennel turn their champions into cash, as the song goes money money money is so funny in the rich mans world, but then the champion is gone.

The USA have the Nationals, again this one of the best shows in the world, itís on par with our Cruffts. The Westminster show in New York is also a show that deserves credit, but everything in the USA has to be big, but is big always best ???


6. Would I like to judge this show ?? How would I judge ??

First of all, I would always be straight, I have the dignity and honesty to give my true opinion, never mind who I would upset or who I would be pleasing, the problem with judging you make a lot of enemies, you canít please everyone, but as long as you judge the dog and not who is holding the lead I believe the decent bulldogger will respect your decision.

On the continent every dog has a written critique, here only the first two of each class gets one, in my opinion the UK judges are having a ball.

Again I believe there should be written exams as well as a practical exam through the kennel club on all Championship judges in all breeds, the days of a nod or a wince to become a Champ judge has gone, I believe the judge should understand the genetics and anatomy of the breed via exams to fully understand the true make up and standard of the breed, the breed is to important to have judges that's judging for the wrong reasons.

I will put this question to you, if the kennel club implemented  what I have stated above, how many of our Bulldog Championship judges would have the enjoyment of issuing Championship certificates today ?????

I have my opinion, Iím not a betting person in any shape or form, but I would wage £1000 with anyone on roughly the correct answer.

Judge the dog, Judge with care, Judge with honesty & integrity, respect will follow who ever you are, and where ever you go.

I hope you will have enjoyed the read as much as i've enjoyed writting it for you,  if anyone feels offended or pissed off  my advice take a chill pill and get on the straight & narrow for the goodness of this awesome breed that the whole country loves and respects and god bless you all.

Take a few minutes and leave your comments in the guestbook.


Judge the dog, judge with care, judge with honestly & integrity,

 respect will follow where ever you go!



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