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Why are Bulldogs SOOO expensive ?


I guess one of the most frequently asked questions of us is, "Why do Bulldogs cost so much more than other breeds of dog"? To be honest, one would be hard pressed to find a "cheap" dog of any breed in today's economy, unless it is from a dog rescue organization, or from unethical sources.

We cannot tell you how many times we have had phone call inquiries stating, "We really want to buy a Bulldog so bad, but all we have to spend is £500". It is sad that these individuals do not understand just what it takes to get any breed of dog up to the age for placement in to a loving home. Grant you, some breeds are much less expensive than the Bulldog, but Bulldogs are at the top of the price range when it comes to purchasing a nice pup that is sound in body and mind. Here, we have listed not all, but most of the reasons why:

1.Currently, there are 39 KNOWN inherited diseases, disorders, faults and health problems with the Bulldog breed. This does not include the numerous anomalies that are still being researched. The known health problems range from mild to severe allergies to heart disease and cancer.

The Bulldog is called a "high maintenance" breed due to these inherited factors. If one cannot afford the purchase price of a Bulldog, 9 times out of 10, they definitely cannot afford the special care that is required to keep their Bulldog healthy.

2.Bulldogs require special care in extremes of heat and cold. You cannot purchase a Bulldog and just let it out into your backyard. First and foremost, you are letting the poor little girl or boy, more or less, fend for itself. Like most breeds of dog, Bulldogs have a burning desire to be with their owners at all times, and when these emotional needs are not met, they can become frustrated, physically unwell and mentally distraught. This, in turn, can turn a perfectly stable Bulldog into a terror. Or, even worse, your little girl or boy will eventually die from the lack of the good companionship she/he so richly deserves!

A Bulldog can die of heat stroke, if left out in the hot sun, no matter how much shade and water is provided. A Bulldog can also die from hypothermia if left out in the cold of winter, regardless of the type of dog house or how many blankets you provide. ALL Bulldogs must have a comfortable home draft free, kept at a moderate and constant, temperature just the same as their owners enjoy.

3.The cost of breeding and whelping pups, in 2006, was very expensive, and there were no complications with the mum or any of her pups. If problems did arise, costs could exceed thousands upon thousands of pounds. This does not include the stud fee for the sire of the pups, nor the overwhelming extra amount of progesterone testing required for some brood bitches with irregular heat cycles…

In the UK 99.9% of breeding is undertaken by a natural mating, even though most of the breeders still struggle by putting the bitch through a lot of stress, check out our … MATING PAGE to see matings undertaken properly.

In the USA females are bred at a Veterinarian's surgery by artificial insemination. On average, this can cost from $275 to $475, depending upon the individual Vet's fees. The USA breeders fear trying to allow the stud and bitch to breed naturally why i don't know. Some breeders in the USA have excellent expertise performing their own AI's, but artificial insemination is not to be done by the novice. There is too much danger in injuring both the stud and the bitch, possibly rendering them sterile for the remainder of their lives. Here in the UK I would advise the breeder that’s interested in Artificial insemination to contact the Kennel club for advice, secondly speak to his or her vet.

In Parts of Europe, I’m told they rely on Chilled & frozen sperm, many breeders undertake the Artificial insemination themselves but we are told the success rate is low. On our travels to Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland etc on invitation to various shows we also get invited to various kennels to see their set up & dogs, in conversation it astonishes me why these people are unable to undertake a simple stress free mating as shown on the mating page of our web-site. Hi guy’s move into the 21st century use a mating cradle, along with the vaginal swabbing & pre- ovulation blood testing you will have success rate will rise drastically.

4.Female Bulldogs cannot and must not be allowed to whelp pups naturally, except under the guidance of a vet. There are some females that have no problems at all, while others have died from trying to whelp just one pup. It is very risky for the health and well-being of the mum and the pups. Here in the UK, the brood bitch is taken to the Veterinary surgeon, when her time for whelping is near. She is given anaesthesia and the pups are delivered by C - section, very much in the same manner as with human mums who might have difficulty delivering their child naturally.

The C- section does not secure the safety of the mum, by any means! There have been many lovely brood bitches who have died on the Veterinary surgeon's operating table, either from the wrong type of anaesthesia given, or too much, or due to unknown health problems with the bitch.

5.But, before any of the breeding can take place, both the prospective stud dog and the brood bitch should undergo a health check by a vet and listen to the guidance given. Next step the pre-ovulation blood testing which can work out quite expensive, averaging from £30 - £60 per test depends on your vet.

Progesterone testing for the brood bitch, alone, can cost as much as £60 to £400 depending on the number of tests needed, Some females requiring 4-6 preliminary tests before the first test proves the bitch is ready to be mated.

6.After the pups are born, they are usually kept in an incubator. Most of the animal incubators are exactly like the ones for human babies. The pups can spend as much as 2-4 weeks in the incubator before they are ready for the normal whelping box. This equipment and all the other supplies needed to keep the pups healthy and safe in the earliest stages of their little lives, adds up to quite a sum!


7.When the pups are ready to join their mum in the whelping box, the mum can only be allowed to stay with the pups during nursing time. To leave the mum alone with the pups, unattended, is only asking for trouble. It is not that the mum is mean or vicious. It is that all Bulldog mums are so clumsy, they can accidentally step upon, lie down on, or otherwise unknowingly injury a pup or pups severely, even causing the pups to die from these injuries. Therefore, the breeder must monitor the pups and their mum at all times when the mum is in the box with her babies.

This often times requires the breeder to take a temporary leave of absence from his/her job in order to stay at home during the first 4-6 weeks of the pups' lives. Not to mention the fact, there are often times pups who are not as robust as their siblings, requiring supplemental feedings with special formula suckled through baby bottles, or sometimes all the pups seem to need at least one to two supplemental feedings during the day due to mum's milk being either too rich or not rich enough.

Not knowing the average wage earner's salary, there is no way to proper-ly calculate this expense, although I am sure it is not cheap, by any stretch of the imagination.

8. Best of breeders breed only when there is the best of reasons to do so, always with health, conformation and temperament their main priority as there is no substitute, The reputable breeders are not breeding just to create pups to sale. They are conscientious, caring and concerned about all their name, and health of stud dogs and brood bitches and about any pups they may produce. Each pup must be placed in forever, loving homes and to do this takes a lot of time and patience. Most breeders do not attempt a breeding unless they already have pups, from a prospective litter, placed and deposits secured.

They do not want to produce a litter, only to discover later, there are not enough good homes available for their pups to live out their lives in peace and happiness.

Very careful screening of potential buyers must also take place to ensure their pups have the best homes possible. Again, this takes a great deal of time and time is money!

So, the next time, you wonder why Bulldogs are so expensive, maybe these few reasons mentioned here will help you in understanding that breeding Bulldogs and raising pups is not for the faint of heart! A good breeder is dedicated to producing the very best pups possible, simply because these breeders are focused on making the next litter better than the preceding litter. Most breeders are breeding for that next Champion dog and/or bitch. And, if they had all the money in the world, they would probably never sell any of their companion quality pups.....they would spay or neuter them and let them live out their lives on their sofa.

If you cannot afford the purchase price of any breed of dog, please consider an Budgie or a Gold fish, or help adopting a needy pet from your local your rescue organization. You must always remember that cats and dogs from shelters and rescue situations also require considerable love, patience and understanding. Most of these pets have been either severely abused, or neglected or both. They will require special attention until they have settled into your home. Some have never been lead broken nor house broken. Some have destructive behaviour, whether it be digging in the yard, or chewing up your best furniture, while others are escape artists, requiring constant supervision just to keep them from bolting out your front door or the backyard gate.

We think that loving dogs is an admirable trait and I do not believe I would want to be around people who are not devoted dog lovers. But loving dogs also requires extreme responsibility for those dogs we love so dearly. Be patient! Be kind! But most of all.........Be a responsible pet owner!




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