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Health of the Bulldog


What health problems ???






The body achieves what the mind believes !!!


 " Did you know....

... that both counsel and medicine are

simple to recommend but difficult to

swallow !! "





Today the bulldog faces the biggest threat since the abolition bull-baiting.

None of us can be  unaware of claims that the breed is unsound, cannot run, cannot breath, cannot whelp unaided and a host of other problems.

We are all aware of the problems but it is always "not my dogs", "my dogs can walk miles", "my dog self whelps", "my dogs are fit and healthy". In some cases its true, but what are the animals that are sold as pets, and not of show quality, how many people have the knowledge of those puppies, not many I suspect.

In the main most top breeders are honest, and are concerned for their stock and the the breed, not many would argue that the dog is not of show quality would be sold as a show dog.

The vast majority of bulldogs bred are homed as pets, of these almost all are reared and regarded as family members. It is this majority which is seen by those that regard the breed as unhealthy and sadly in many cases they are correct.



Too many faults are glossed over as either not serious or not bad enough to warrant attention. All faults are faults and should be noted.

The breeding of pedigree dogs is aimed at improving a particular breed; what happens to the one's that are not an improvement? It is all too simple to think of all dogs as the ones kept for the show ring.


Most of us think we know what makes a good dog! Again sadly we do not, as if we did then all litters of puppies would not suddenly die at five years of age and vets wouldn't drive BMW's!!

The answer is in our own hands. Stop looking through rose tinted glasses, admit the dog we kept has faults and stop      using animals with known faults as stud dogs or brood bitches.


If the breeders do not take action, the action will be taken for them and these actions often cannot be challenged!!


It's such a small world,  my words come true,

read below.


Pedigree dogs exposed 2008.


We were contacted by  Jim Dummett of Passionate production on behalf of the BBC  during the summer of 2008 requesting our advice and knowledge of the Bulldog breed, they were making a serious documentary on all purebred dogs with the UK.


After the long phone call from Passionate production we got a written request that is like this, as follows......

"We would like to interview you and hear why  the breed is in jeopardy, what improvement has already been made and why it is important that the breed is preserved.

The facts that Bulldogs are not able to mate without assistance is a concern that's something we would like to discuss in the film, Your cradle however does allow for a less stressful experience than the traditional method and also removes the need for artificial insemination.

The focus of the documentary is on the genetic health of the breed, we are exploring three key questions,

1. What is the scale of the health problems within the breed ??2. 2.How have they arisen ??

3. And most importantly what can be done about about it ??


I'd like to stress the film is intended to be positive and inspiring - we do no want to trash the breed, the case we hope to make is that it is possible to improve the health of dogs while keeping the pedigree breeds that we love and that have such a long history in this country.

The film will argue that change is needed in the way that pedigree dogs are bred, that the kennel club take a stronger line on issues such as close inbreeding, health testing and transparency of information.

There are many conscientious breeders that are making health a priority but unfortunatley other are not, the kennel club and government seem powerless to prevent this.

We want the public to be acutley aware of the importance to finding a reputable and responsible breeder, we aim to arm the viewers with some important information necessary to make the right choice and to know what to look out for, further more we hope to generate public pressure on the kennel club to make some changes.

The Bulldog is one of the best loved dogs, a potent symbol of Britain, we feel it's extremly important that the breed is preserved'


Due to my heart attacks etc i was not able to assist  Passionate productions with any filming,  but i am 100% on their side regarding public awareness for the welfare of the breed.


I know that several other elite breeders were contacted,  many were very negative towards the production,its as if the ranks were closed.


I am also told that this documentary has caused a divide between the BBC and the Kennel CLUB..

When the film crew turn up at shows  words spreads like WILD FIRE,  ranks are closed, NO ONE SPEAKS TO THE RESEARCHERS,  why ?? i don't understand, if you have nothing to hide, be proud of what you have bred,  winning shows is one thing, breeding fit healthy purebred dogs is another.

Some people will NOT like what i'm saying, but i'm passionate regarding the breed, rossettes, cups, CC certificates mean nothing to me, the  health, Conformation and temperment dogs mean everything, there is no substitute.


In my opinion, the BULLDOG COUNCIL should stand up and be counted, they should call a conference with every British Bulldog club within the UK, an official of the kennel club should also be involved,  representatives of those clubs should be present to discuss the way forward.

A spokes person or persons  from that meeting should defend  the Bulldog breed on camera with Passionate Productions,  answer the open questions, discuss the way forward, not for the goodness of Passionate Production but for the general public to have confidence in the breed.

There has to be some changes, every decent honest Bulldog breeder should understand that,  hiding behind a smoke screen and ignoring the situation hoping the scandals etc will go away will just increase speculation of the problems within the breed.

I believe in transparency,  open discussions for the future of this breed, instead of blaming the BBC for opening up the wounds.


I have spoken to two members of the Bulldog council  regarding the documentary,  one was very positive,  he has even spoken with Passionate productions, and has been open about the health situation,  the other person was very, very, very negative " don't talk to them, don't trust them, no top kennel will speak to them" etc,  this woman has been in the breed for at a guess 40-50 years,  this is the sort of attitude that is pathetic,  causes bad speculation, should not be a part of the Bulldog council.



Keep your ears the the ground and eyes wide open,  PASSIONATE PRODUCTIONS have announced they are making a sequel documentary, so

PEDIGREE DOGS EXPOSED 2 is in the making,  so the rogue breeder beware.


I would like to thank Passionate productions for respecting our wishes, not using mating photo's from our web-site even though it's in the public domain, thanks.


This is the fourth television programme we have had the honour to be invited to take part, channel s4c requested a weeks work,  filming us at our home as well  as at Crufts , commentating on the show.

We were invited also to be filmed by ME AND MY DOG, this programme was about training the Bulldogs, obedience etc,  i think it was for ITV,

Also we had a request to bring our dogs to a television studio to promote the breed, and also talk about the breed.

I know the publicity is an honour, but the safety and security of our dogs is our priority.







My comments have come true,  breeders, show campaigners are panicking all over world,  the KENNEL CLUB have announced their intention to  changes in the BRITISH BULLDOG STANDARD,  by what the news and the media have shown on TV and in the papers they want the Bulldog to look more like a BOXER.

I have spoken to the KENNEL CLUB, as usual they deny the extreme of the changes, but state they are in negotiation with the Breed council.

The programme PEDIGREE EXPOSED  has worked, so strange the kennel club  defended it's status on tv but within months started the masssive  changes to so many breeds within the UK.


What i can't understand is,  why the elite breeders think every thing would blow away,  if i can see it plainly and i'm an ordinary guy why can't the big breeders see it, the so called elite show campaigners, judges,i know why and so does joe public.


If our banking industry can collapse, the property market collapse, most industry's struggle, don't you think a change can be made to the Bulldog standard, only if the Bulldog council would have listened, instead the decisions are made for them.


I don't expect to be Mr popular with my comments, but one thing i've been consistent all these years, honest and straight to the point, if i have offended anyone, tuff shit, i stand by what i say 100%.


Check out this page regularly plenty of info to come.


My journey is about doing what's right,

respect this awesome breed.


Today, tomorrow, forever.






Your altitude is determined,

by your attitude !!!





We will guide you through some of the problems that arises.





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