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                                  Manny Pacquiao



Full  SolidChocolate French Bulldog








PACCO...... is DNA tested  carrying the ( bb ) gene, cataract hereditary clear ( HSFA ) CERTIFIED clear therefore will not develop the problem or pass it to off spring.


Line bred from generation after generation of TRUE Chocolate Frenchies,  bred as close to perfection as possible where health, conformation as temperament is paramount .

He carries a FULL HEALTH CERTIFICATE, micro-chipped, vaccinated, passport, wormed etc .





His mother and father (as seen below) are FULL CHOCOLATE FRENCH BULLDOGS. They are absolutely awesome, a credit to the breed.

Bred by our friend Agnes Faddi of the Bastile'ore Frenchies.

Imported from an elite international FRENCHIE kennel known worldwide, his father from the world famous EIFEL VON DOR MONARCHIA. included in the pedigree SUPER BULLY, Hungarian Champion LITTLE PREDIATOR AGAPORNIS, international Champion ZVEZDNIY MALICHIR just to name a few...... this is a world class pedigree world class genetics and bloodlines.

Pacco at 7 weeks old

CONFORMATION....... superb head, correct set bat ears, piercing AMBER YELLOW eyes, BROWN nose with wide nostrils, wide jaw with 6 teeth between the canines with the correct upsweep and tight bite.

Straight front legs with superb bone and BROWN pads, a strong cobby boy, muscular with a deep brisket, a well sprung barrel rib, with a nice slightly roach of the back leading to a small tail, superb angulations of the hindquarter providing sound movement, and a beautiful CHOCOLATE shinny coat....a STUNNING FELLOW.

He is a stunning male, producing puppies of immense quality clones of himself, easy to handle at stud and loves the ladies.

If you checkout different web-sites adverts etc you will read this that their Chocolate is the 1st in the UK or is the best etc etc etc..... their dogs are from here there and every where...... the CHOCOLATE French Bulldog dog has got to be DNA tested and all the health checks have got to be certified, BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CHOCOLATE CARRIER AND A TRUE CHOCOLATE that has been laboratory  GENE tested  (bb)  quality is everything..... no substitute for health.

Go and see the other stud dogs 1st then come and see the CREME DE - LA CREME....... A CHOCOLATE FRENCHIE stud dog that knows he is the best not only in the UK BUT WOULD CHALLENGE ANY FRENCHIE WORLDWIDE on quality, conformation & temperament.

We can advise you on breeding...... guide you from the time your female comes into season, undertake the ovulation tests, board your female if needed and undertake the breeding, photograph each mating, guide you through the pregnancy SCANNING the female to check pregnancy to whelping the litter, rearing and assist in selling the puppies...... so you can call this HAPPY DAYS THE FULL PACKAGE !!

PACCO WAS BRED WITH LOVE AND REARED WITH CARE by Bastile'ore Frenchies...... now he is a adult he wants to share his gene and spread his love !!

CHILLED SPERM, FROZEN SPERM available worldwide via TRADE GENETICS for insemination by a VET only, as well as the NATURAL MATING 100% success.


Pacco got his name after the World welterweight boxing legend Manny Pacquaio as they say he can pack a punch....... a living legend !!