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Joe Frazier


"Life doesn't run away from nobody, life runs at people"                                                                                                    Joe frazier



Here he stands at 8 and a half weeks old



The only way of finding the limits of the possible

 is by going beyond them into the impossible.





Smokey joe is from outstanding quality blood lines.

He is the son of Celticpride Touch of Gold ( peaches ) whom is the daughter of  Champion Merriveen Touch of Frost, & grandaughter of World Champion Merriveen Make my Day.

His father is a son of Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride ( sonny )  Sharock Roling Thunder ( winston )a chip off the old block,  and the grandson of Britishpride Power 'n' glory one of the finest  quality Bulldogs ever bred worldwide.

This is line breeding at the highest level, studied, planned and executed to perfection.

With such phenomenal genetics its fair to say that his top quality standard is UNQUESTIONABLE. 

Smokey Joe has exquisite bone structure and sublime confirmation. He is short in back, compact, with a standout barrel rib. He is dark in eye, has a nice square head with a superb undershot jaw.

We decided to name him after the World Champion Joe Frazier whom I believe to be one of the best boxers this world has seen. Like Joe, he is powerful, fearless, ambitious and strong. And is going to fight his way to the top to be one of the uk's top stud dogs!!!!! We view him as the crème da le crème !


More photo's added soon !!!!


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More photos added soon


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The first step in the acquisition of wisdom

 is silence,

 the second listening,

the third memory,

the fourth practice,

 the fifth teaching.