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Celticpride Females





Celticpride Cappacino (Fendi)

Fendi is the daughter of our Celticpride Welsh Gold and Hissing Half Mile at Celticpride (Rocky). She has been line bred to perfection with Celticpride, Britishpride and Mystyle running through the bloodline.  With such superb genetics it really is no surprise that she is a class act. Fendi is a compact red and white bitch with very dark pigmentation. She is short in back, with a nice barrel rib with exceptional conformation. She is a true credit to the British Bulldog Standard.

After 20 odd years of breeding Fendi really does represent what Celticpride is all about ! Quality Health Confirmation and Temperament. World Class in every single way.

There is no doubt that we have high hopes for our young girl.


Shakira at Celticpride


Shakira at 8 weeks


                                             Shakira at 6 months              Shakira at 12 months




Celticpride Touch Of Gold (Peaches)

Peaches is the daughter of our Celticpride Welsh Gold and Champion Merriveen Touch Of Frost who is the son of World Champion Merriveen Make My Day. Peaches is a red and white female, superb confirmation, a lovely wide brisket, lovely upsweep of the jaw, nice broad shoulders, short in back, nice angulation of the hindquarters, with beautiful movement. Health confirmation and temperament, a credit to the British Bulldog standard. Peaches is the pinnacle of our breeding. We have very high hopes for Peaches in a show career. 


Celticpride Hoo-la-baloo

Baloo is the daughter of Ocobo Star Turn at Celticpride (Tilly), and of Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride, in the photo she is 5 and a half months old. Baloo started her training at 4 weeks old, stands superbly in the show position, she is a credit to the bulldog standard, nice conformation, short in back, great barrel rib, very feminine head, wide jaw, a very fit and healthy female with sound movement. Baloo has been breed by matching genetics to achieve health, conformation and temperament. Our planning has worked yet again. Baloo will be campaigned from 6 months of age, in the UK, and hopefully she will start her European tour when she is 1 years old. We have many high hopes for Baloo as she was pick of the litter and in the photo its plain to see why!! The breeding plan for Baloo is she will be matched perfectly with our boy Hiising Half Mile at Celticpride..... Our Rocky. Check him out on Stud Page2


Celticpride Welsh Gold. ( phoebe )
Phoebe is a red and white bitch, with all characteristics of Sonny and Twinkle, she is thoroughly stunning, already standing perfectly in the show position, and developing to be the bitch of the future. We have high hopes and expectations for Pheobe, with all the breeding behind the pedigree is immense. She loves being with the adult bulldogs, but enjoys being cuddled, a real fun loving girl. We hope to start her showing career when she'll be around seven months.


Ocobo Flicker (Twinkle)
Twinkle was bought from the Ocobo/Mystyle kennel, we were overjoyed when we were successful in purchasing her, we are very grateful to Kevin & Norman Davies. Twinkle is a superb bred bitch, red and white, sired by Mystyle Golden Wonder, who is the son of World Champion Merriveen Make My Day. She has a tremendous temperament, superb conformation, absolutely terrific head, a lovely type of bitch. It is a pleasure having her in our kennel, she loves running in the field, loves being washed, the  more attention the better. She loves all the fuss at shows, loves showing off, displaying herself as a model, a real feminine bitch, always placed at the shows. Twinkle was mated to Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride, this was a terrific match, Britishpride crossed with Ocobo/Mystyle which includes Merriveen, the result a first class quality litter, called Celticpride, one of the best litter of pups that we have seen.
Out of this litter we have kept a bitch, Celticpride Welsh Gold,  also displayed in the "puppies section".


Ocobo Starturn at Celticpride ( Tilly)
We bought Tilly from the Ocobo/Mystyle kennel, and am very grateful to Kevin Davies for allowing us to have such a wonderfull girl.
She has absolutely massive bone, superb conformation, lovely temperament, with superb movement. Loves running in the fields with the freedom of our other bulldogs, she is a superb advert for the breed, plenty of food, plenty of sleep, lots of love, the result contentment. Tilly was mated to Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride, and produced a top quality litter, the pups were fantastic, great bone with lovely markings, very healthy, bred to the British standard where health, conformation and temperment was our priority. Have a look under the " puppies section ".


Celticpride First Gold (Dolly)
Dolly was Britishpride Gold Coin's first pup for us, and what a character she is, she follows Bella in structure, and Sonny in movement. The combination is unique, we have now started  breeding  our own type of bulldog which is similar to the  Britishpride
and Noboz kennel which all go back to the petworth bloodline. Dolly loves being shown, enjoys the preparation and buzz of the show ring.
Dolly was mated this year to an Outdoors bred dog that produced a lovely litter, displayed in the "puppies section".


Celticpride Celtic Star. ( Bella)
 Bella is our pride and joy, for she truly represents the Celtipride bloodline, she has fantastic bone, superb conformation, beautiful head, lovely movement and oozed character. She loves being shown on the Championship show circuit and always gets a placement.
Bella was mated by our own dog Britishpride Goldcoin at Celticpride, this was a fantastic breeding plan, as Bella's father was Captain pugwash of Ringablok who is also the grandfather of Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride, our successful line breeding had begun.


Trudan Scarlet Ribbon (Bunty)

Our first bulldog "Trudan Scarlet Ribbon" bought from the Trudan Kennel of Llanelli was red and white, she had good bone fantastic temperament, with superb movement. The foundation of her pedigree was the petworth bloodline which was in high demand due to the success of the line with not only the petworth kennel but with many breeders all over the world.
Bunty was mated by Captain Pugwash of Ringablok, produced a top quality litter of eight puppies. This was first litter of Bulldogs and what an experience it was!!. From this litter we kept one bitch, 'Celticpride Celtic Star' which was a credit to the petworth bloodline.


                              Why we love our bulldogs?

Why do we love our bulldogs so???
It seems very strange to so many, you know.
They maze at the the wrinkled up face that seems"smashed".
They whiff doggie odours and gas that's been passed.
If some folks were honest, they'd shout out; Alas!
You're telling me truly, for this you paid cash?.

Why do we love our bulldogs so????
Some call us weird and deranged "so and so".
With stark frozen fear, they gaze at the teeth,
the massive broad shoulders and little fat feet.
They gasp at the sight of the jowls and then shriek:
"Someone please save me'Just throw him some meat!.

Why do we love our bulldogs so ???.
They say we're obsessive fanatics, you know.
An accurate statement, but "Foul !" I protest.
You don't understand why a bulldog's the best!
I'ts hard to explain: to that i'll confess.
But sit down and listen, to what I profess.

Why do we love our bulldogs so???
And why does our love continue to grow?
I can't speak for all, but I'll say what I know.
To me its simple, and easy to show;
From the short stumpy tail to the wrinkled-up nose,
they're sensitive children, just dressed in dog's clothes.

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