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In the ring I walk the walk,
In the run I talk the talk,
I'm the king of Celticpride,
I'm the Champion all world wide.

Red and white that is me,
One of the best you will ever see,
Lovely movement and agility,
Conformation as meant to be.

A great big head, and a jaw to match,
Very dark eyes, I'm a great catch,
So come and get me if you can,
A great Stud dog, Oh yes I am.

Sian Brain.

After years of searching for the right stud dog, we finally found him with Britishpride Bulldog Kennels. We had been touring the country, going to the British Bulldog dog shows, mixing with the top kennels in hope of finding what we were looking for. During a visit to a Championship Bulldog show in Luton, we saw Britishpride Gold Coin handled by Mr Goodwin, and we were very impressed by the quality. After some negotiation Britishpride kindly agreed to sell him to us. Britishpride breed a certain type of bulldog, that matches our bloodline, as the back bone of their kennel is the Petworth line, named 'Captain Pugwash of Ringablok' that produced 'Britishpride Power'n Glory', which is the sire of our dog 'Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride'.

Britishpride Power'n Glory


Britishpride Goldcoin at Celticpride is a fantastic red and white dog, superb head, dark eyes, fantastic wide jaw, broad shoulders very muscular and powerful , with a lovely deep brisket, with superb movement, and a fantastic temperament. The pictures speak for themselves. An absolutely first class show quality bulldog. One of the best in the country. Have a good look at the photos, compare them to the Bulldog standard, that's what you call true quality.

Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride, (Sonny) shown regular on the championship show circuit is a top quality show dog, and a superb stud dog, win or lose he is still our champion.
Sonny's temperament shines through, he loves running in a 3 acre of grounds behind our house, and behaves whilst in the company of the bitches, a real gentleman.

Sonny has been very busy as a stud dog, mating quality bitches from different blood lines, to enhance their pedigree, i.e. 'Merriveen' bloodlines, 'Ocobo' & 'Mystyle' bloodlines, 'Slaghek' & 'Wencar' bloodlines, 'Outdoors' & 'Lawin' Bloodlines, 'Ringablok' & also 'Celticpride' bloodlines, that's just to name a few......



Sonny says !!

" Make love not war "


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Today,  tomorrow,  Always.







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