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Mating Cradle

Welsh harp


Up-dated 30th july2011


Sorry for the delay we have been waiting for the delivery of steel.........the cradles are NOW IN STOCK

 anyone from the UK or overseas that have made  enquires and requested to reserve a cradle, i would suggest that you get in touch as only 20 cradles have been manufactured to suite the British Bulldog.

note -  there is also 8 cradles available to suite the FRENCH BULLDOG as requested and a small number of larger cradles.


He who asks is a fool for five minutes,

but he who does not ask

remains a fool for life !!!!


Celticpride Bulldogs designed these Mating Cradles over 15 years ago and have been manufacturing them for over 9 years, these cradles have been sent all over the world with a 100% positive feedback, we have supplied some of the so called elite breeders of the British Bulldogs i.e Pat Dellar - Merriveen Bulldogs.
We designed these Cradles after years of struggling to mate the British Bulldog in the old fashion way, with 3 to 4 people involved in the process, what a joke.
This cradle is a one person operation, the bitch stands in the padded cradle in a
comfortable position, no stress and no strain.

This is a NATURAL mating assisted by the Celticpride Cradle, NO tricks, NO secrets, and NO hassle.

We are also here to teach  anyone  in the UK or overseas the method of handling a British Bulldog at stud, simple when you know how !!



George, son of Mystyle Rolex, his first mating

Handling World Champion Merriveen make my day Grand son & maiden bitch.

This is to show how easy it is to carry out a mating using the cradle with one hand! by the way i like sugar in my coffee with a drop of milk.

The mating produced 5 pups.


The only way to discover the limits of the possible

is to go beyond them into the impossible !!!


Once the bitch is standing in the cradle, the next process is to adjust the cradle to the correct height so that her rear legs are standing in the tip toe position. The bitch is then cleaned and ready to accept the dog. The stud dog is introduced to the bitch, the dog handler raises the dog on to the bitch so the mating can commence. There is nothing difficult about this process as long as the bitch feels secure, the dog can carry on with the mating, its as simple as that!
Most people find the mating process of the British Bulldog hassle and stressful as so many people have to be involved. The bitch gets stressed, this is the main reason why so many bitches do not conceive, its as if the bitch is raped. Its about time that the Bulldog breeders understand this process and move in to the 21st century regarding mating Bulldogs to preserve the breed, other wise Europe will remove the choice and make the Bulldog a different animal  to what it is today. Many so called elite breeders don't like change but for the sake of this awesome breed  i hope they listen to what the Chief vets and Bulldog specialists are saying.


Over the years the the SOOOOO called elite British Bulldog breeders have tried to brain wash the novice to the breed to handle a stud dog is difficult, to undertake a mating is difficult, this breed is difficult in my opinion total nonsense everything is simple if you know how,  life is about knowledge, knowledge comes from experience but  what is the worth of having that knowledge without passing it on,  i call it is greed.


In September 2008 Passionate productions on behalf of the BBC screened a documentary called Pedigree dogs exposed, in the programme it stated clear the problems regarding Bulldogs unable to mate, we were contacted directly by Passionate productions for our view on the 'traditional' method that most breeders undertake, we call it rape!!!  we were then asked if they could  film a mating using the Celticpride Cradle  and be interviewed how can the Bulldog progress as the national dog of the UK  to preserve this breed, along the route of health, conformation and temperment. This request was an honour for us as our method and advice had travelled worldwide,  been respected all over the world.

The cradle is manufactured from solid steel on a plywood base with a rubber platform, the cradle is padded and covered with genuine sheep skin and adjustable straps. The cradle has adjusters to suit the height and length of various bitches within the bulldog standard, it can also be used for various other breeds.
Another use for the cradle is to stand the Bulldog still and comfortable whilst cutting their toe nails, also its good to stand the bulldog in the show position from a youngster ready for the show ring.

Check out the mating page on our site, here you will see us handling various stud dogs using the basic cradle.

The cradle can be sent any where in the world, with various shipping fees applied.


Wisdom is knowing what path to take next.....

integrity is taking it !!!!!


As my father always guided me  in life !!

" If you can't find a way, make one "


Any information or enquiries, contact us either by;
Email - Celticpride@bulldogs69.fsworld.co.uk
Telephone - 01267 290 770
Mobile - 07970 915 953


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