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Fun Page 2

Celticpride Welsh Gold "I'm feeling cool !!"

Scarlet Ribbon at Celticpride "I'm stiking to my briefs! I dont like those thongs! Loving my style ?!"

Ocobo Starturn at Celticpride - Brotherly Love !!


Celticpride Welsh Gold ready to take off!!


Ocobo Flicker at Celticpride & Celticpride Welsh Gold
"Sorry babe, just broke wind !! Rather cold out here init?! "


Ocobo Starturn at Celticpride "We just chillin !!"

Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride
"Hey mate, read the sign !"

Celticpride Welsh Gold having a sleepover at the Travel Lodge !

Ocobo Starturn at Celticpride "Aint we lookin hot ?!"

Celticpride Welsh Gold
" I'm pissed off !!"


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