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 On our holiday in Barbados


World Power lifting Champion 2009


Our Son Arwyn

Welsh, British, European and became World Champion in the Las Vegas World Champs November 2009.


   Gold and Silver Medal also Best Junior Pound for Pound Power lifter of the World Championships


News !!

2o11 will be a busy year abroad, our plan is the :

Crufts - March  if not clashing with Dubai.

World Dog  Show in Paris - France 7th-10th July.

Champ show Lisbon - Portugal.

European dog show Leewarden - Netherlands 1st-4th September.

Champ show in Budapest - Hungary.

Thanks for the invitations and generosity from various country's.

Any show campaigner fancy tagging along give us a call.


Our trip to the European dog show in Zagreb, Croatia 2007

With all respect by naming the nationality etc of our friends etc on our web-site this is not a racist remark in any shape or form,  this to promote each and every nationality etc that gets involved in the breed.


British Gladiator Spartacus

British Gladiator Jeremy



Myself and Virag Janos, my good friend of British Gladiator Bulldogs from Hungary.




Razz Ashraff  ( British / Pakistanni )of Calida Bulldogs a pet breeder in the UK  looks on with interest and enthusiasm!!!!! at British  Gladiator Jeremy one of the best males ever bred in europe, handled by a master Virag Janos.


 My ( Italian ) friend  Franco Porto that won Best Female.

Franco has imported several Bulldogs from the UK, in my opinion he is one of the leading breeders and respected show campaigners in europe.

 Cassamiro my ( Spanish )  friend  with the winner of Best in Show.

Cassamiro  of La-chatta Bulldogs is a superb breeder in Spain, based on quality bloodlines, foundation is the Merriveen line.


The arrival of British Gladiator Supernova made of Gold

From Hungary. Arrived at Heathrow Airport September 2007.

We were proud to announce the arrival of our new male SUPERNOVA  from  our friend Virag Janos ( Hungarian ) of British Gladiator Bulldogs, one of the elite  master breeders and most respected guy's in the breed  in Europe. 


Supernova has gone to  a pet home with Razza Ashraff of Calida Bulldogs, who is now the new   owner.


Many thanks to  Virag Janos ( HUNGARIAN )for reserving Supernova for us, and running him on until nine months old,  until the law of the land allowed him to be flown here to the UK.

Thanks Janos for being such a good honest friend, your honesty and knowledge of the breed is absolutely A1,   most respected here at Celticpride and through out the world.



Supernova is now enjoying a pet home among the asian community in Birmingham with Razza Ashraff (  British / Pakistanni )  also likes to use the name Damien or  even Damien Merchant,  if anyone would like further information regarding SUPERNOVA  feel free to give us a call, my knowledge of Supernova is important before considering  him as a potencial stud on 01267 290 770.

Welcoming Supernova at Heathrow airport.

Starting the journey home.



Our trip to Balboa, Spain 2007.

Visiting Kingdomcan Bulldogs, a very nice welcome amongst the spanish community.



Myself and Emilio ( Argentinian ) with Hobtop Iced Diamond

Emilio with Martin ( British / Welsh ) of Savanahstyle Bulldogs, in deep thought !!!!!!!!



Our Genetics!


Celticpride Pure Gold

Celticpride Rocka Fella

Celticpride Scarlet Wonder

Celticpride Golden Girl

Celticpride Ruby's Dream
Celticpride White Coin


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