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One plus one equals everything,

Two minus one equals nothing !!!


Up-Dated 17th July 2011


Important information!!!!!!

It has been brought to my attention some known breeders are advertising on their web-sites that they undertake matings unassisted, NO CRADLE, NO BACk STAND, NO HELP,  which in my opinion is a load of nonsense, bullshit !!!!

Some breeders prefer to have the bitch over their knee, with this method around 3-4 people can be involved to hold the bitch etc to carry out the mating, this is the old school type of mating.

There are many other methods, but honesty is the best policy, don't try and fool joe public, they deserve more respect.

I totaly agree the Bulldog should be able to mate unassisted, unfortunately   they can't there are several things to bear in mind, one is the weight difference, although only 5lbs pounds separates the male and female to the Bulldog standard but usually it's much greater, sometimes up to 20 lbs difference.

I also understand the KENNEL CLUB have written a brief note on their web-site regarding breeding Bulldogs using cradles etc, they believe in unassisted matings, people in pinstripe suits not knowing what they are talking about.

So strange there is a lot of talk coming from the kennel club after the Pedigree dogs exposed programme, where were they before???? it says a lot as they have allowed the breeding of father and daughter etc,a complete shambles of genetics in my opinion it's diabolical, if that had happened in humans it would be a jail sentence.

I also undertand the breed council have some thing to say about cradles, so pathetic, i will reserve my comments at this moment as i don't have the direct information, but when i do WITHOUT DOUBT  i will speak my mind.

One of the best breeders in the UK has written a book on the Bulldog, his name is Chris Thomas of Kingrock Bulldogs. the name of the book is,( BULLDOGS TODAY )have a read for this book, check out  pages 94 - 95 then you will see that my comments are all correct as they  been for all these years.


There  are guy's out there advertising differently know  due to the programme pedigree dogs exposed, all of a sudden their stud dogs are miracle maters, and their females self whelpers, how strange, in my opinion honesty is the best policy.

A bit of advice,  always see the mating, take no excuses,  as bullshit baffles brains !!

Don't give respect because a kennel boasts they are show campaigners, a little knowledge to some guy's is dangerous.

Some kennels boast how well they are doing in the show ring, these kennels breed on a massive scale, they judge, give advice, have it all sown up, seem to know it all so did the banking industry in the UK that's why the UK is on it's arse now.


Many of these breeders  talk a good mating, talk the talk, but what they are undertaking is ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION which is illegal and dangerous for the female, unless undertaken by a vet.

Don't risk causing infections for your female, womb infection can kill.

Always see the matings in person, artificial insemination should  ONLY   be undertaken by a vet, in a sterile enviroment.

Speak to your vet, don't listen to any mickey mouse breeder.


Don't waste time looking for the perfect lover...

spend time creating the perfect love !!!


I Hope you enjoyed the read, now check out the photo's below !!!!!!!


We show what we know.


Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap,

but by the seeds you sow !!!


Step into the future of breeding where technology works

hand in hand  with a true master breeder !!


Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride, mating
Ocobo Flicker at Celticpride.

Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride, mating
Maple from Unreal Bulldogs.


Love is an ocean of emotions !!!

Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride, mating
Fullmarks Imperial Boy Daughter (Molly).

Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride.


Passion does and undoes everything !!!



Hiising Half Mile at Celticpride    



Two souls with a single thought...

two hearts that beat as one !!!






Rocky mating Ocobo Cornish Cream at Calida (This mating produced 11 pups) Rocky mating a Hiising Bitch, for Maggie Howell MBE. Rocky mating Celticpride Welsh Gold.



Rocky, handled by my son Arwyn


When love is not madness, it is not love !!!




Rocky mating Celticpride Hoo-La-Baloo

Hiising Half Mile at Celticpride



Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride.




Golden Gloves (ALI) mating Celticpride Coco Chanel



                 Golden Gloves (ALI)                                                                        Golden Gloves (ALI)                    

                              x                                                                                                            x

                  Regal Welsh Lexi  (Rocky Daughter)                                                Goodheads Pride (Wencar Female)








Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride.

Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride.

Celticpride Welsh Gold (Pheobe), being mated by
World Champion Meriveen Rough & Ready.


Don't wish to be something to everyone...

wish to be everything to someone !!!


BritishPride Goldcoin at Celticpride mating a superb quality girl

Champion Merriveen Touch Of Frost, son of World Champion Merriveen Make My Day, mating Celticpride Welsh Gold.


Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride mating Petworth bloodline girl.

Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride mating another Petworth bloodline girl.



Arwyn handling Sonny at stud, Maiden Girl.


Soul mates, best friends, lovers...

our hearts are now complete !!!




Britishpride Goldcoin at Celticpride mating maiden female

Hiising Half Mile at Celticpride mating Sonny's daughter



Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride




After visiting other kennels throughout the U.K and Europe, experiencing how the mating were taking place, we decided to experiment with different ideas to make the process of mating a bulldog easier.
We made a bulldog cradle, that can be adjusted to suit any size bitch and experimented on our own bitches first. The cradle was a total success.
We can now mate a bitch using the cradle single handed, no one holds the bitch. By using this method there is no stress, or strain on the bitch, which makes the mating a healthy experience & we believe this increases the pregnancy chances for the bitch.



British Gladiator Supernova Made of Gold, Our Hungarian import, his first mating.


We can only learn to love by loving !!!




Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride mating 'Humpty'!! She is a superb bred girl.

Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride mating 'Teddy' (Humpty's sister!!)


Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride's son (Henry) on his first service.

Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride mating a maiden girl.



Rocky being handled superbly by our son Arwyn

Making love makes me feel tired !!




Levi  a TOP QUALITY male  - a son of our Rocky. His First mating with a maiden girl

Rocky mating a maiden girl



Follow you passion and success will follow you !!!





Rocky mating maiden bitch, Honey. A full line bred mating.

Sonny mating maiden bitch, Ringablock Mcdonald's daughter. A fantastic line bred combination.





Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride, mating
Ocobo Starturn at Celticpride.


When you fall in love with someone,

all your wishes start coming true !!!









Sonny mating our Celticpride Touch of Gold (Peaches)

Rocky mating our Celticpride Welsh Gold (Pheobe)










Celticpride yoggi bear







Yoggi mating a champion ocobo freddy daughter.






celticpride azura (smokey joe)











Scrumpy at Bullorchid Bulldogs mating a Sonny daughter. Handled at Celticpride





We kindly offer a free handling service to the novice breeder, so they master the technique of this new designed cradle, we also provide the 'Bio Vet' and 'Vet Lab Preoestrogen' premating ovulation blood tests .
We also can carry out the swab tests under a microscope to double check the blood tests, & if needed a mobile scan to confirm pregnancy between 33 and 35 days.



NEWS !!!


Chilled and Frozen semen available shipped to your self or your vet Worldwide, arrive within 48hours of request and full payment via

TRADE - GENETICS canine reproduction services who collect the semen, freeze it, undertake the sperm analysis and store it in the sperm bank, undertake all paperwork, passport, DNA testing everything for the export of the semen to what ever country NO hassle at all.


Soon we will have a sister web-site  SEMEN-WORLD that will promote the dogs handled by ourselves from various show kennels to provide the genetics worldwide under our guidance and supervision.


Enquires welcome.








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A mobile mating service is available upon request depending on the stud dog


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