“Does the premate test work?”

Yes. When used correctly Premate is almost 100% accurate in detecting the rise in progesterone that signals ovulation. However due to other reasons, only 94% of correctly timed mating will lead to a pregnancy.

“Can I do the test myself ?”

No. The blood sampling and testing must be done by your vet. However, because the test is simple and rapid (it takes about 30minutes) your vet should be able to give you the result the same day.

“When should I take my bitch in for the first test?”

In a typical ovulation  occurs around day 10 to 14 after the first signs of her coming into season. Premate recommend taking her to the vet on day seven  for the first test because it is important to get a negative result first to confirm she hasn’t ovulated yet.

“How do you get the best results?”

To maximise your chances of a successful mating a series of Premate tests will be required. Begin testing on day seven you should get a negative result (low progesterone). Then test every two days until you get an intermediate  result or a positive result (high progesterone). This is the best way to pin point the day of ovulation.

For an intermediate result, you should prepare to mate her in about 48hours, but you must test her again in one or two days (your vet will advise) and wait for a positive result. You should then mate her the same day.

In the manufacturers experience, mating in 48hours on the basis of an intermediate result often leads to empty bitches because some bitches take longer to become ready than others. The greatest likelihood of success comes from mating the same day as your first positive Premate result.

If you get a positive result on the first test, all it tells you is that she has probably already ovulated. She may have ovulated that same day, or she may have ovulated several days earlier.

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