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Red Dragon

Celticpride Rock hard (Duke)

Duke is the son of Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride, and Ocobo Starturn at Celticpride.
In the photo Duke was 6 weeks old. This pup has superb bone structure, excellent conformation,
with substance that is a credit to the bulldog standard. Duke is now owned by Lee Hoskins, who has done a fantastic job
of maturing him into a first class stud dog, with plenty show potential, check him out on the gallery page.

Celticpride Maxi-muscle (Alffie)

Alffie is a awsome fawn and white male, sired by Britishpride Gold Coin at Celticpride, the damn is Ocobo Starturn at Celticpride.
He has massive bone, a superb head with a conformation that is a credit to the bulldog standard.
Alffie was a natural when trained to stand in the show position, plenty of character, and a boy to watch out
for in the future at the championship show circuit. He is now oned by Karen of Essex Bulldogs.
Hopefully he will be available for stud when matured.


Celticpride Tinkerbell (Tinks)

Tinks is a beautiful girl, a rich dark red with massive bone, a lovely deep brisket and superb conformation, with a temperament to match.
Its been a pleasure training Tinks to stand in the show position just the same as her brothers Duke and Alffie. We have high hopes for
Tinks in her show career. Tinks is now owned by Hayley of Ourstyle Kennels, who aims to carry on our good work and
develop her into a champion of the future. Check her out in the Gallery page.

Celticpride Golden Spirit (Morgan)

Morgan is the son of our girl Celticpride First Gold, sired by Outdoors Eric, Who was bred by Judith Daws, author of the book 'Pets owners guide to the Bulldog', she is also a respected championship show judge in the UK. He's a white and red dog, with solid bone
structure, a nice barrel rib, short in back and a compact body shape, a real advert for the bulldog standard. We started training Morgan at an early age, Morgan is standing superbly at the age of 3 weeks. He's a funny character, always looking out for his sister 'Molly'.
Morgan is now owned by Mr Alcock in North Wales, were he will continue to develop in to a great Bulldog.

Celticpride Legal Love (Molly)

Our Molly is a real character, just like her mother Celticpride First Gold, her infectious personality shines through all the time. She's a white and red bitch,
with a superb barrel rib, tremendous bone structure, and a feminine head, her compact body shape is excellent
with a good temperament to match. Molly loves being center of attention, and always wants to be with us as a family,
she always wants to know whats happening in the house.




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